Samoa Joe on the difference between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe has been out of action since last September. A serious injury forced him to give up the NXT Championship and take a break to heal, a colossal setback given the successes he has achieved since his return to WWE. The Californian wrestler was fired from the company on April 15, 2021, only to be hired again at the request of Triple H.

losing the respect of many superstars). A feud began shortly thereafter between Joe himself and Karrion Kross, culminating in the battle between the two which took place at TakeOver 36. Speaking in the latest edition of the ‘Kurt Angle Show’, ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ talked about his working experiences with Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Samoa Joe on Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle

“Kurt Angle I would compare him to a puma, he can be quick and effective. He doesn’t miss a move and has a crazy technique” – said Samoa Joe. “As for Brock Lesnar, he is similar to a raging bull.

He runs straight and annihilates everything that stands in front of him. Where he does not arrive with technique, he makes up for it with power. This is the best way to tell the difference between Kurt and Brock. They are two cats of a slightly different species” – he added.

In the last edition of ‘WWE The Bump’, Scotsman Drew McIntyre had nice words for Lesnar and expressed his desire to face him again in the future. “I’ve always been drawn to the thought of entering the ring with the best of the company.

There are very few who are as technicians and physicists as Brock Lesnar. I managed to beat him at WrestleMania, but I would like to have the chance to go face to face with Brock once again, maybe in front of a real audience.”

That victory at WrestleMania 36 was fundamental to the career of the Brit, who had only at times expressed his enormous talent. Who knows if his dream will be fulfilled. WWE SmackDown orchestrated an epic opening segment for this week’s show.

It all started with Roman Reigns boasting about his successful title defense against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel 2021. Interestingly, The Beast Incarnate was heard saying that he would beat Reigns ‘senseless’ when he returns on SmackDown.

The words didn’t sit well with The Tribal Chief, who was adamant about seeing Brock Lesnar walk out and stay true to his words on the show.

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Charlotte Flair disagrees with the WWE creative team

After everything that has come out over the past two days, one thing, in particular, has caught everyone’s attention: Charlotte Flair’s unhappiness at having to deal with certain segments in a certain way. Although it has been said that Queen had every intention of leaving the title of Raw champion to Bianca Belair during their last fight, she still seems to be not happy with what is proposed to her by the creative team.

Fightful Select wrote: “There have been roster members who have challenged the notion that Charlotte” campaigned “to lose to Bianca Belair on Monday, even though she seemed okay with losing. We were told that Charlotte was outspoken about creativity, regardless.

” The great thing about all of this is that in regards to the offending segment of the belt swap on Friday Night SmackDown, Charlotte was worried about looking weak in the eyes of the fans so she voiced her opinion here too, but of course she wasn’t heard.

The same thing happened to Becky Lynch, who instead, according to some sources: “She expressed her concern about whether she [Charlotte Flair] would do it, precisely to the writer/ writer involved and to Sonya Deville.”

So practically it was understood that in WWE it is really difficult to collaborate all together, but there is always someone who has more power than you and does not listen to you, because very few people, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, for example, have managed over the years to oppose certain creative decisions by being listened to.

Charlotte Flair is the SmackDown Women’s Champion

After his dismissal, it turned out that Ric Flair disagreed with his daughter’s booking in WWE, so he asked for the release, although the man denied: “How could I be mad at the company my daughter is currently in.

the most decorated fighter in history?” Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted earlier this year that Charlotte Flair has a lucrative contract with the company: “Her downside is 1 million. Nobody is making more than their downside unless you are a huge merch guy.

Being above that is based on house show & merch and there are no house shows so everyone’s old school payment money would be zero, but they would earn their downsides.” (h/t Wrestling Edge) Since her arrival in WWE, working her way through NXT, she has captivated the WWE Universe with a plethora of star-studded performances.

The company has made her a global superstar and Charlotte has done an incredible amount of work for the women’s division.

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Dangerous botch in AEW

During the night, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) aired its latest installment of Dynamite, with Lance Archer and Eddie Kingston starring in a contest, which was part of the first round of the AWW World Title Eliminator Tournament.

During the contest, however, Lance Archer suffered a very bad blow to the head, which immediately alarmed both his opponent, the referee of the contest, and the medical staff who are in charge of keeping the wrestlers under control during the matches.

While Archer was performing a Moonsault, in fact, his fall was carried out incorrectly and the wrestler landed with his head, leading all the other employees of the match to push for immediate closure of the contest and not for the originally planned closure.

In the end, Archer was subjected to all the necessary visits, which fortunately ruled out a concussion, which in these cases is very easy to receive, after such a blow, but the fact that he closed early and quickly and fury the match, he would have sent the wrestler into a rage, even in the backstage of the show.

AEW reportedly has ambitious plans

AEW reportedly has ambitious plans involving former WWE stars Cody Rhodes, Andrade El Idolo, and Malakai Black. That’s according to WrestleVotes on Twitter, who have an excellent track record of getting insider wrestling scoops.

According to what was reported by the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer, through the timely update of The Wrestling Observer, it would seem that Lance Archer was very furious about the end of his match since he was convinced that he could continue to fight, but the medical staff did not want to hear reasons.

In his latest Newsletter, Meltzer stated in fact: “I was told that he passed all the tests backstage and so, you know, they wanted to make sure he wasn’t having a concussion. They checked him on the spot, to avoid having a concussion and so they wanted to stop the match immediately, without putting on.

an ending. He wanted to keep fighting, but Doc Samson and all the controls were very worried and pushed to ‘go straight to the end’ He kept saying he wanted to continue, so he was probably very agitated and bitter backstage about that.”

Cody Rhodes will take on Malakai Black for the third time this Saturday on AEW Dynamite. The American Nightmare lost the last two times at the Homecoming and Grand Slam editions of Dynamite. Could the third time be the charm for Cody Rhodes, or will the owner of the House of Black triumph over the former TNT champion once again?

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Cesaro challenges Brock Lesnar

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns called out his latest Crown Jewel opponent, Brock Lesnar, standing still and unmoved in the blue show ring, until the Beast of the company showed up at his. presence.

After several minutes of the actual brawl, which not even the company referees and road agents could stop, with Lesnar punching and kicking anyone, throwing dead weight bodies here and there on the blue show commentator table, eventually, Adam Pearce managed to get the situation back under control, announcing that Lesnar had been suspended indefinitely by the company.

Immediately after seeing this press release live, however, to fall victim to Lesnar, it was the WWE official, who suffered not one but two F-5s from the former WWE Champion, who eventually died he was quite proud of what he had done.

In all this, however, in a brief moment that some fans have not escaped, Cesaro was able to almost stop Lesnar, trying to make him think, with the Swiss of the company who has carried out this thing also on his social pages.

On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Brock Lesnar was suspended after wreaking havoc. In the aftermath of the show, Cesaro sent out a message to Lesnar.

Cesaro wants to challenge Brock Lesnar

With a very particular image and caption, it seems that the former WWE US Champion, Cesaro, has suggested to the management and fans of the WWE Universe how in the future who knows how far the two can face each other in the ring of the company, for unequal weapons (probably), but nevertheless with great courage on the part of the Swiss Cyborg.

With a phrase taken from a sequence of the famous Marvel films, from the Avengers series, Cesaro thus indirectly challenged Brock Lesnar, with the profile of “WWE on FOX”, who immediately responded with a gif in which Hawkeye says “Don’t give me hope”, precisely in reference to the challenge.

Who knows that sooner or later Vince McMahon doesn’t have this “unhealthy” idea of pitting his massive wrestlers in the ring against him, to the delight of Cesaro’s fans? Despite the suspension, Brock Lesnar isn’t done with Roman Reigns yet.

Following the controversial ending to their match at Crown Jewel, the duo could again face each other in a rematch down the road. However, it remains to be seen if WWE could be leaning towards a potential Lesnar vs. Cesaro showdown soon.

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Dutch Mantell takes a shot at Big E

Roman Reigns opened the latest episode of SmackDown by celebrating his victory over Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel. The ‘Tribal Chief’ managed to defeat the ‘Beast’ in Saudi Arabia thanks also to the fundamental help of Jey and Jimmy Uso.

Contrary to expectations on the eve, Paul Heyman’s role did not prove crucial in the match economics. Lesnar did not like the outcome of the dispute very little and did not give Reigns time to say many words. ‘The Beast Incarnate’ soon broke into the ring and wiped out both Roman and the Usos.

Only the intervention of a large part of the backstage prevented the situation from deteriorating further. Due to all this, Adam Pearce has decided to suspend the former Universal champion indefinitely. A completely out of his mind Brock attacked him and gave him a couple of consecutive F-5s.

Given the current situation in Lesnar, it is likely that WWE will choose to stage a feud between Roman Reigns and Big E ahead of the Survivor Series. During the latest edition of ‘Smack Talk’ on Sportskeeda, Dutch Mantell admitted that this idea doesn’t appeal to him at all.

“I’m not at all convinced that a storyline between Roman Reigns and Big E would be successful. Big E is experiencing perhaps the best moment of his entire career and deserves a chance given the efforts he has made in the last year.

Confronting Roman would be the right reward for him” – began Dutch Mantell.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Big E

“At the same time, a question comes to mind. Does anyone really think Big E can beat Roman Reigns? This is an aspect that must be considered.

People must have the feeling of an uncertain outcome, but this is not the case. Nobody thinks Big E can do it, let’s be honest. He hasn’t reached that level of credibility yet,” Dutch Mantell analyzed. Following the Draft, Big E was confirmed on the Raw roster, while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods moved on to SmackDown.

At Crown Jewel, Big E kept the WWE belt by beating Drew McIntyre. The two continued to exchange blows before Big E planted McIntyre with a second Big Ending and this time it was enough to seal the deal. The reigning champion had successfully retained his championship amid an exchange of mutual respect after the bout.

That said, with McIntyre now on SmackDown, this episode between E and Drew is surely over. There will be new challenges coming the champion’s way as he continues his journey on Monday Night RAW. In this article, we look at five new challengers who could look to dethrone Big E for the WWE Championship on the red brand.

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Many superstars don’t want to work with Charlotte Flair

PWTorch.com’s Wade Keller was able to talk to some WWE wrestlers about what happened backstage between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch following the title swap segment in the latest Friday Night SmackDown episode. Keller wrote the following: “Another wrestler told PWTorch that Becky is universally respected and appreciated among her peers, and Charlotte being so turned against her was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

people who were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt through a number of other problems she had.” It has also been said that Becky Lynch is seen as the “heroine” of the situation and that Flair is apparently isolating herself behind the scenes and another wrestler told Keller: “None of the other women wants to work with her now as now ”because of his behavior.

The reporter described the situation of a Charlotte who “is seen as interested only in how she looks and scrutinizes everything she is involved in through a self-centered filter.”

Backstage News on Charlotte Flair

Actually, in the last few months, Charlotte Flair hasn’t exactly entered the fans’ memories for the positive things she has done, because of course there have been, like the crazy promos she’s done since she came back after Wrestlemania or the last Raw match against Bianca.

Belair to whom he also wanted to leave the belt. But if we remember well she also had some problems with Nia Jax during their feud, which led them to have a match shoot during an episode of Raw, with the two ending up having a bad performance.

Unfortunately, the truth lies somewhere in between and we cannot fully know if these words reported by the American sites are true, but we strongly hope that Charlotte can recover so as not to risk ruining her career, which has been brilliant up to now, as done.

already by some colleagues in the past. Following the latest episode of the Blue brand, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are now the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champions, respectively. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson first reported on Flair’s concerns about not wanting to ‘look weak’ in the segment, the unplanned and awkward nature of the championship exchange, as well as the ensuing backstage confrontation between the two women.

As per talkSPORT’s recent report, The Queen left the gorilla position after her dispute with Lynch without talking to Vince McMahon, and the WWE Chairman was unhappy about the same. “Flair walked away and Vince McMahon wasn’t happy Charlotte left gorilla without talking to him. Flair is now heading to Orlando to support Andrade at AEW Dynamite,” wrote Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT.

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Why do fans hate MSK?

Nash Carter and Wes Lee are two guys with enormous talent who since their debut at NXT have done nothing but give us excellent performances, also quickly becoming the pair champions of the yellow (or rainbow now) brand. Unfortunately, despite all this, it seems that the fans are not able to appreciate them, in fact, even if they are the babyfaces of the situation, every time they enter the NXT arena they are booed.

But is there a valid reason for all this? MSK currently hold the NXT Tag Team Championships on the Black and Gold brand. Wes Lee and Nash Carter have done a fantastic job since arriving in WWE.

New details on MSK

According to what was reported by BodySlam the answer would have emerged on Reddit, a channel often used by wrestling fans to communicate and discuss what is happening in this business.

This post mentions a tweet posted by Nash Carter about three years ago, where the boy criticized a commercial that included the teenager Izzy, known as Bayley’s super fan at NXT, who also often took insults, in storylines and gimmicks, by Sasha Banks and who now works for Women of Wrestling and takes care of talking about the discipline on Youtube while training to become a professional wrestler.

This commercial happened at an independent federation show and apparently saw Izzy getting a Chokeslam from someone. The tweet allegedly led Izzy’s parents not to like MSK. The two would then talk to other NXT fans, who are live with them weekly to watch the show and induce them to go against the tag team champions, causing them to lose the support they should have.

In addition, the following was also said: “Some sources have gone so far as to say that the NXT management asked parents and their sympathizers to change places prior to NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver because they were filmed doing some anti-MSK chants.

NXT officials apparently heard about it from an audience member who appears to have overheard the conversation.” Also, a really bad thing was added, which is that one member of the group allegedly asked others to say directly to Carter the phrase: “Your father is dead.”

The two wrestlers said that the meaning of MSK was like their matches. They said that the fans don’t know what to expect from them and they think of them as high-flyers. However, there is a deeper meaning to the tag team for them.

They perform high-flying moves but are ready to brawl if that’s what it comes to. They are also educated enough in wrestling that they could snap an arm.

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*Spoiler* WWE’s pay-per-view schedule for 2022 revealed

WWE, for the first time in history, has announced the dates and locations for pay-per-view to be held the following year, in this case in 2022, with Wrestlemania 38 also taking place over two evenings, such as the previous Wrestlemania.

In addition, this sets the record for the most events in a stadium in a year for WWE. Here are the events announced for now: Saturday, January 1 – Day 1 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta Saturday, January 29 – Royal Rumble at The Dome at America’s Center in St.

Louis Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 – WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium in Dallas Sunday, May 8 – Pay-per-view at the Dunkin ‘Donuts Center in Providence, R.I. Sunday, June 5 – Pay-Per-View at the Allstate Arena in Chicago Saturday, July 2 – Money In The Bank at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Saturday, July 30– SummerSlam at Nissan Stadium in Nashville Saturday, September 3rd or Sunday, September 4th – Pay-Per-View at TBD location Saturday, November 26 – Survivor Series at the TD Garden in Boston.

The company also added: “In addition to the above events, pay-per-view events taking place in February and October will be announced in the near future.”

WWE releases a statement

Along with the announcement of these dates on their website, the McMahon-owned company also wrote: “Since returning to live events last July, our fans have kindly expressed a huge appetite to attending WWE shows.

making plans for next year, we wanted to make sure the 2022 pay-per-view schedule and locations were made available to them.” These are the words of Nick Khan, WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer. So the WWE Universe can already start thinking about how to move to go and watch their favorite fighters’ shows live, keeping an eye out for more announcements to be made soon by the company on other special shows scheduled, which will touch all the United States and beyond, perhaps even the United Kingdom.

WWE’s decision to move these events to Saturdays also seems to coincide with the NFL’s regular season. Because the NFL holds the majority of its weekly games on Sunday, a move towards the day prior means the company won’t have to compete for this viewership audience.

(That being said, there’s usually one nightly NFL game held on Saturdays.) Overall, it’s clear that this new schedule is apparently seen as positive news among the WWE roster.

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Kurt Angle pays tribute to Seth Rollins

Kurt Angle had the privilege of being inducted into both the TNA Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame. According to many industry insiders, the 52-year-old from Mount Lebanon is the most technical wrestler to ever step foot in the ring.

Thanks to his extraordinary abilities and his magnetic personality, in 2010 he was selected by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as the best performer of the 21st century. During the latest episode of his now-famous podcast, the former Olympic gold medalist revealed the ten superstars he has never had the opportunity to face.

The first name that came to his mind was Seth Rollins, capable of becoming one of the iconic faces of the current WWE. Angle’s career ended with more than a few regrets at WrestleMania 35, when he was unexpectedly defeated by Baron Corbin (certainly not his dream opponent).

Kurt Angle praises Seth Rollins

“Seth Rollins is one of the best wrestlers around, there is no doubt about it. His style has always reminded me of Shawn Michaels, so I would have loved to fight him” – confided Kurt Angle.

Kurt revealed that there have been some discussions about a potential match against Rollins. “We talked about it several times when I got back to WWE, but those plans never came true. There were a lot of guys I wanted to work with before ending my career.

I have a feeling WWE was trying to protect my physical integrity at the time, which is why I haven’t faced big names. There was a question of responsibility that had to be taken into account. My addiction problems with painkillers could not be overlooked, as well as my neck problems and severe injuries from the past.

These are the reasons why I haven’t done much wrestling in the last part of my career.” Kurt Angle had the chance to team up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at TLC 2017, having taken over from Roman Reigns at the last minute.

Baron Corbin recently praised WWE legend Kurt Angle for agreeing to lose against him at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. “To me, that was something that will live in my career forever because it was an amazing moment to be in the ring with not only an Olympic gold medallist but a Hall of Famer and someone who has had an unbelievable career.

To get that opportunity and to walk away with the victory is something I will hold dear for my entire life,” Corbin said.

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*Spoiler* Damian Priest completely changes his character

Over the course of their careers, WWE Superstars receive several changes and a few steps to refresh their character from WWE several times. It is not unusual, in fact, to see athletes who change their haircut or color, as well as adopt a new ring gear after years and even new entry music, as has already happened several times with Randy Orton, John Cena, Sheamus and all.

the other important athletes of the company. After years with the same look, even legendary athletes have changed their face, going to cut their hair, such as Triple H, Edge, Undertaker or Shawn Michaels, who for decades had long hair and then suddenly showed up in front of the WWE cameras shaved.

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, there were several changes for two other Superstars as well. Let’s talk about T-Bar, former WWE Retribution member and US champion of the Monday night red show, Damian Priest.

WWE United States champion Damian Priest teased a character change on this week’s edition of RAW. The Archer of Infamy also debuted new entrance music at the season premiere of RAW when he took on T-Bar in a one-on-one match.

Damian Priest teased a character change

If the secondary champion of the red show has only changed his entry music, sparking the curiosity of WWE Universe fans online, between those who already adore his song and those who preferred the old one, his opponent of the evening was instead almost completely renewed by the WWE.

After seeing the ex NXT big boy lose his Retribution mask, T-Bar showed up with a new ring gear on Monday Night Raw, with new entry music and a lighter makeup on the face, more reminiscent of NXT’s Dominik Dijakovic. In the end, the same T-Bar got disqualified from the match, for having pulled a chair at his opponent, with Damian Priest who soon brought him back to the ring, giving him a good lesson.

After losing his partner Mace, it seems that WWE wants to give new life to his character, trying to make new changes and news on his character, in part already seen on Monday Night Raw. Damian Priest’s entrance has always been an integral part of his presentation with the Archer of Infamy having the same theme until today.

However, it seems like he could be heading in a new direction after the debut of a new entrance. The new entrance featured a different graphic, with Damian Priest standing right between light and dark. Half angel. Half demon.

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