WWE is rolling out a lot of new merchandise

In the last few days, WWE has staged its latest wave of releases, eliminating as many as eight Superstars from the main roster, who no one had any idea could be fired right behind the Survivor Series and especially not at this time in their careers.

After having staked a lot on some of them, such as the full Hit Row or Tegan Nox, even recently moved from NXT to the main roster, all these young fighters have been fired from WWE, for a budget cut policy that seems to be hide very deep gaps in the design of the creative team, at an all-time low in terms of imagination and number of projects for WWE Superstars.

Apparently, the physical projects for the recently fired boys, however, were quite large, given that for some of them the work for the action figures and for a lot of other merchandising dedicated to them had also been started, as revealed by one of the components.

of the Hit Row, a stable fired in toto, after killing the female protagonist of the team, just under a month ago.

WWE is in trouble

In his latest interview with Busted Open Radio, Top Dolla, one of the male protagonists of Smackdown’s Hit Row, just moved from NXT to the main roster and already fired, wanted to affirm the projects that WWE had towards them, saying: “We had recently been to WWE headquarters, we had met everyone and talked to everyone.

We had just talked about what our action figures would be like and talked about how it was all going to be a big deal and they showed us things for the video game too (WWE 2K22). They’ve practically ripped all these different things out from under our skin.”

Apparently, according to Vince McMahon and associates, the Hit Row stable wasn’t as big a deal as it seemed to be for the team’s protagonists and for many of the company’s fans and insiders. Not having enough plans in mind for the future of these guys, WWE preferred to do the math and evaluate who was better to keep in its roster and who to release, with the list of released that lately far exceeds that of the remaining and that recently hired by the company.

There is also a wide variety of merchandise that fans can buy these days, with WWE selling items for almost every Superstar on the current RAW, SmackDown and NXT rosters, as well as legends. Superstars with the highest number of items include Steve Austin (124), Bray Wyatt (101), Seth Rollins (86), The Undertaker (69), Hulk Hogan (68), Becky Lynch (64), Alexa Bliss (61) and Roman Reigns (60).

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