Will Adam Pearce have his WWE stable?

In recent years, a new character has become quite famous in the WWE, at least in terms of the on-screen part that is represented by the company officials and not the real backstage management of the federation. We are talking about the on-screen official, Adam Pearce, former wrestler and champion of the NWA, who in the last period has become a real cornerstone of the storylines of the Stamford-based company, with the McMahons using him in every context, to tip the balance in the federation’s flagship storylines.

The role played by Adam Pearce is a bit like what was once held by the General Manager of the roster, only now, as there are no more figures besides him and Sonya Deville, Adam acts alone, on both the main rosters of the company.

Stamford. In the last few hours, the hypothesis that Adam Pearce could set up his own stable, after being attacked by Brock Lesnar and after having ousted the Mysterio from their elimination match of Survivor Series, would have come forward online.

Latest update on Adam Pearce

In recent days, WWE has allegedly bought the rights to a brand that could bring Adam Pearce back to the rings or otherwise that could see him star in an important storyline in the Stamford company’s rings.

The names on which WWE has got its hands are in fact: “‘SCRAPP METTAL’, ‘SCRAPP METTAL’, ‘SCRAPP METEL’, ‘SCRAPP METAL’ and ‘SCRAPP METAL.’ ” We remember how in his in-ring past, especially in NWA, the now-former athlete was called “Scrap Daddy” or “Scrap Iron” At the moment it is not yet known what WWE can do with these names, but many insiders have foreseen the idea that the McMahon company can set up a storyline with a personal stable of Pearce, which starts already from Von Wagner, his bodyguard seen at Smackdown last week, to fight another team of “disgruntled” which Rey and Dominik Mysterio are already part of.

At the moment, all of this is just a conjecture of some online sites, with the next installments of the main WWE shows that will surely give some more clues as to what is happening to the official of the company. Adam Pearce was brutally attacked by Brock Lesnar on SmackDown following the latter’s Universal title loss at Crown Jewel.

Lesnar attacked several WWE personnel as well as superstars. He was suspended for his actions and took his anger out on Pearce, hitting him with two thunderous F5s. Adam Pearce recently responded to a fan who posted a collage featuring instances of Pearce getting manhandled by wrestlers on WWE TV.

The collage shows Pearce getting picked on by superstars like Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar.

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