Weird Al Yankovic Had The Best Response To Paul Rudd Being Named Sexiest Man Alive

There’s a new Sexiest Man Alive (sorry, Michael B. Jordan), and his name is Paul Rudd! The beloved actor seems very pleased with his new distinction, and his fans are also proud. The announcement from People has also drawn some perfect social media reactions from a plethora of celebrities. “Weird Al” Yankovic was one of the many to share thoughts, and the fan-favorite performer did so with the help of a few hilarious photos in a great post.

Like many people, Weird Al, first and foremost, made sure to congratulate Paul Rudd on his tremendous accomplishment. His Twitter post also included photos, in which Rudd is actually dressed up as the “Amish Paradise” singer for Halloween. No, really, the actor really did channel Al, all the way down to the hair and floral shirt. You can check out the funny snapshots for yourself down below:

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