WALTER starts dating a colleague

In the history of WWE, there are dozens and dozens of couples who were born and raised within the backstage of the company, between those who eventually got married and had children and those who instead broke up after years of love.

outside the workplace. Among the most famous couples who came out of the company’s rings, we find the likes of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, Andrade and Charlotte Flair, Michelle McCool and Undertaker or Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

All these couples were born by chance between one match and another, while the wrestlers were intent on preparing their segments, with several couples who were also born out of wedlock, with different athletes who left their respective partners or husbands or wives, to then get married or get engaged officially with the colleague.

Apparently, in the last period, also another important wrestler of the WWE European sector, it can be said the most important of the last period, WALTER seems to have drastically changed his life, leaving his wife and starting to date a colleague of NXT UK.

Although WALTER is no longer the NXT UK champion, after losing his title held for over 800 days, he would still be able to get the whole world of pro-wrestling talked about, this time however for a private and non-working matter.

WALTER posted a photo of Jinny

Until recently, WALTER was in fact married to a woman who was very much against the possibility of being able to go and live in the USA with him for work reasons. In the last period, however, WALTER would be dating his colleague Jinny, who is part of the same English roster of the WWE as the former champion.

In one of the girl’s last stories, WALTER also magically appeared, as confirmation of the fact that the two have been dating for some time, like a real couple. In the end, WALTER himself also wanted to share a photo with his new flame, through his official Instagram profile, which we can see below.

WALTER had previously refused to move to the United States, mainly because he wanted to stay with his wife. Now that he is with Jinny, the former champion might move to the US. Here are his previous comments about not wanting to move to the United States: “I would go on the main roster at some point but I wouldn’t move to America.

Moving to America is not for me. American lifestyle is not for me. No, I couldn’t imagine that. When it comes to that, I stay where I am,” said WALTER.

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