Wait, New Bond Movie No Time To Die Nearly Featured Even Less Of Ana De Armas’ Awesome Character?

No Time To Die succeeded as an explosive conclusion to the Daniel Craig era of James Bond films. The blockbuster delivered an action-packed thrill ride that you would expect from a 007 movie, especially the end of a saga. The film wrapped up the remaining mysteries and plot lines introduced throughout Craig’s run, as well as saying goodbye to long-time characters. Fans also said hello to some new, exciting ones. Ana de Armas’ Paloma stole the show in her brief appearance, and it left fans wondering why she wasn’t in more of the movie. Apparently, No Time To Die nearly featured even less of De Armas’ awesome character. 

While speaking to The Guardian, No Time To Die writers remarked on what writing on all of the Bond movies this century has been like. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade spoke about the writing process, specifically how the latest Bond film came to be and how multiple writers and perspectives alter their script. The pair explain that one of the most exciting parts of the movie, Ana de Armas’ appearance, was almost an even more brief affair, revealing:

There’s no denying that what goes down very well with an audience is the whole Paloma sequence. We had Paloma in our script, but she was just a contact. Cary wanted more, so one assumes that’s an area that Phoebe dealt with.

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