Trolls 3 Is Officially Happening, So Justin Timberlake Really Can’t Stop The Feeling

Few animated franchises have been able to capture the attention of moviegoers over the past few years like Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls, which kicked off in 2016. The vibrant, music-infused movies have provided audiences with big laughs, sweet character moments and toe-tapping tunes. As a result, the series has brought in some solid financial numbers at the box office and has even spawned a few TV spinoffs. So it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that Universal has officially set a date for a third installment, meaning Justin Timberlake won’t be able to stop that feeling. And he’ll definitely be feeling it on the big screen this time around as well. 

In 2020, the franchise’s second installment, Trolls World Tour, became one of the first high-profile movies in the age of COVID to receive a simultaneous digital and theatrical release. The move initially caused controversy, but it eventually served as a catalyst for a major change in the cinematic landscape. AMC, a company that was originally unhappy with the decision, eventually struck a deal with Universal to create a shorter theatrical release window. The agreement also meant that the theater corporation would get a share of PVOD returns for films.

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