The Dolphin From Dolphin Tale Is In Critical Condition

Get ready folks because this may the most heartbreaking story you read today. I’m maybe exaggerating a little, but some people have built some pretty strong emotional bonds with animals in movies. So there are probably a lot of people who will be distraught to learn that Winter, the dolphin from the film Dolphin Tale, is in critical condition right now.

Dolphin Tale was both a book and a film which told the story of a real life dolphin named Winter, who lost her tail due to injuries sustained after getting stuck in a crab trap. Winter was eventually fitted with a prosthetic tail. The movie version of the story was a smashing success. It was actually number one at the domestic box office on its opening weekend in 2011, even if its 3D effects weren’t that great. It co-starred Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, and Morgan Freeman and it grossed nearly $100 million at the global box office on a budget less than half of that. It even spawned a sequel, though that one was a fictional story about a different dolphin. Both movies can currently be found on HBO Max if you’re interested. 

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