The Advice Pierce Brosnan Gave Daniel Craig When He First Started As James Bond (And Which He Didn’t Take For Years)

Taking on a job with as large of a scope as becoming the new James Bond is something that I would imagine prompts a ton of advice. Fans, producers, and actors alike all have their opinion on how to (and who should) play 007, so there’s never a shortage of people with thoughts on the character. That said, the advice that Pierce Brosnan gave No Time To Die’s Daniel Craig when he first started as James Bond was pretty solid; though Craig admits didn’t take it for years after he received it.

Daniel Craig’s Memory Of Pierce Brosnan’s Advice

While promoting the release of the 25th James Bond film during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Daniel Craig told his side of a story we’d previously heard. Asked by Corden what advice he would give the next actor inheriting the role, Craig dispensed his own advice, while also recalling his own big moment getting mentored by a great. In fact, Pierce Brosnan had advice for him after he landed the role, and here’s how Craig tells it:

Pierce Brosnan said it to me — and I went and saw him when I’d just got the part. He was brilliant. He just said, ‘Just enjoy the ride.’ Just enjoy it. I just started enjoying it a year ago, that’s funny.

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