*Spoiler* Von Wagner debuts on the main roster

In the last period, WWE has used its Superstars in a rather unusual way, moving them from the roster at different times, not waiting for the annual Draft or joining some athletes to other important characters of the main roster, overnight.

Also tonight, during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, there was a real debut on the main roster, which WWE Universe fans hadn’t expected, with one of the new characters in the new NXT who in fact appeared without sense in front of the cameras of the blue show.

In fact, in tonight’s episode of the Friday night WWE show, Von Wagner appeared in a backstage segment. At the moment, it is not known exactly why WWE opted for this choice, but the fact is that during Smackdown, Von Wagner appeared alongside Adam Pearce, in one of the many segments that break the action of Superstars in the ring.

Von Wagner made his debut

After seeing all the hustle and bustle with Sami Zayn, removed from the traditional Survivor Series match of the company’s next big four, the former intercontinental champion was spotted backstage, with the Canadian wanting to talk face to face with Adam Pearce, for to know what will become of his future at the Series, with the Canadian and the WWE Universe has a nice surprise at the backstage entrance.

In fact, next to the WWE official, there was planted Von Wagner, a massive athlete of NXT, who did not say a word but watched the whole scene with his arms folded and with a rather frowning look towards Zayn. At the moment we don’t know what the role of the big boy from NXT will be in the main roster rings, but from the segment staged at Smackdown, it is very likely that WWE wants to use him as Pearce’s bodyguard, especially after what happened with Brock Lesnar, with the official of the company who suffered two F-5s in the space of a few seconds in the ring of the WWE blue show, after having had to suspend Lesnar.

NXT 2.0 has arrived. Admittedly, people have mixed feelings about the new version of NXT. But, after witnessing the impactful debuts of many talented individuals, it’s clear that the future of NXT is going to be bright. The show did what it was supposed to: introduce new faces.

One of those talents was Von Wagner, a superstar Vince McMahon considers a future main-event talent. Wagner is a second-generation WWE Superstar and the son of retired pro-wrestler Wayne Bloom.

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