Sheamus gets a big win

Survivor Series Qualifying match: Cesaro vs Ricochet vs Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus. Match valid for fifth place in the blue team for Survivor Series. In the final Mahal and Ricochet are out of the game and Cesaro prepares for the Neutralizer on Sheamus, but …

RIDGE HOLLAND IS COMING! The former NXT tries to hit the Swiss, this avoids several times and knocks Holland out, but gets distracted … BROGUE KICK! .. 1 … 2 … 3! Sheamus will be the replacement for Sami Zayn and for this he has to thank his new friend.

– Backstage Jeff Hardy, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, exalts his teammates from the Blue Team and is also satisfied with Sheamus’ victory, but he can’t stand Happy Corbin. The final spot on Team SmackDown for WWE Survivor Series was on the line this week.

Jinder Mahal, Cesaro, Sheamus, and Ricochet battled in a fatal 4-way match to determine who’d take the final spot for Sunday.

Sheamus is in great shape

Cesaro took Mahal for a swing and locked in the Sharpshooter. Ricochet broke it up and delivered a beautiful 630 splash to Mahal in hopes of picking up the win.

However, Sheamus delivered a thunderous Brogue Kick to Ricochet just after the splash. Obviously, a second later he meets Corbin and Madcap Moss, with Adam Pearce coming up with one of his random ideas: tonight Jeff Hardy will play his place in the team with Moss.

For once it’s Jeff who laughs out loud, while Madcap doesn’t seem too happy. -We are still behind the scenes and Sheamus says he is happy to be an inspiration for Ridge Holland, with the former member of Kings Of NXT confirming it all and excited to be able to join his favorite.

They’ve been friends for 10 minutes and I’m already looking forward to the split. You might often see in advertisements where WWE gives out the message convincing fans not to try the moves at home, school, or anywhere.

But to be fair, if you love wrestling and if you are in a fight, you just can’t control yourself. Similarly, the person was involved in a street fight when he made the move. He hit his opponent with the White Noise, a move that WWE superstar Sheamus uses during his matches.

Though Sheamus has been impressive inside the ring this year, injuries have been a major issue for him. Earlier this year, Sheamus’s nose got busted open following a forearm strike from Humberto Carrillo during their singles match on Monday Night Raw.

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