Seth Rollins attacked by a fan

Just 48 hours ago, WWE staged its latest ppv of the year, Survivor Series, with the company’s special event leaving several aftermaths in the McMahon federation storylines. The only survivor of the male elimination match, which is usually staged between the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown athletes, was Seth Rollins, the red show athlete, who thus earned the victory for the show of the Red Show.

WWE Monday night and just this night, on Raw, he wanted to talk about it abundantly. The unexpected moment, however, came when Seth Rollins was regaining backstage, with a fan who saw fit to attack him in front of everyone, with the entire federation crew having to mobilize immediately to block him, after the massive component of the public had aimed straight at the former Universal Champion of McMahon, probably to hurt him.

The great fear for Seth Rollins

Like a bolt from the blue, in fact, this elusive fan jumped on the WWE wrestler, trying to knock him to the ground. With a twist worthy of the best divers in the world, Seth Rollins managed to pin his attacker to the ground, waiting for the referees and the WWE security officers to escort the man away, who later turned out to be 24 years old, who was not we know why he wanted to attack him.

At the juncture of this attack, Becky Lynch also peeped from backstage, to understand what was happening to her husband, who in theory had to safely return to the gorilla position after her performance. Even the stylist of the two wrestlers, King Troi, for a moment pounced on the attacker, also being mistaken for a rowdy fan and being removed from the WWE crew.

Eventually, Seth Rollins came out unscathed from this attack, with the fan being transported immediately from the local police headquarters and reported by WWE, which then released this statement to the Fightful site about the situation that arose during the night: “WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously.

The individual who attacked Seth Rollins was brought in by the NYPD and will be prosecuted in full legal terms for this case.” Let’s see now some clips of the attack taken by fans of the company waiting at ringside tonight on Raw.

The RAW announcer’s team didn’t know what to do either, and they ignored the incident and just continued to discuss the Rollins/Balor segment that just took place. The Messiah fought off the overzealous fan with the help of WWE officials and local security teams.

The fan in question was escorted out of the building. One could assume that assault charges will be pressed, and he could be banned from attending WWE events in the future.

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