See The First Look At Austin Butler’s Take On Elvis In That Upcoming Biopic With Tom Hanks

For a while now, we’ve been wondering just what’s going on with Tom Hanks’ Elvis movie. We’ve known the Academy Award-winning actor is set to play Colonel Tom Parker in writer/director Baz Luhrmann’s film; however, what the end result might look like has been a bit of a mystery. The questions are only going to deepen from here on out, but at least you can now see the first look at Austin Butler’s Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic.

Proclaiming it to be “Elvis Monday” on his Twitter feed, Baz Lurhmann thanked his devoted fans with a quick montage of shots that showcase the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor’s role as “The King.” What’s more, it looks like we get a quick glimpse of Tom Hanks in action as Col. Parker as well. Yet, the most interesting thing is there looks to be two potential titles at work, for this supposedly still-untitled movie:

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