Sasha Banks wanted to leave WWE

One of the most important protagonists of WWE women’s wrestling today is undoubtedly Sasha Banks, the added value athlete of Friday Night Smackdown, who among other things is also part of the famous “Four Horsewomen” of the company, together with Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Becky Lynch.

After years spent between NXT and the main roster, Sasha Banks has managed to build a very important name, also going to win numerous titles in singles and in pairs, with her career that in a short time has become one of the rosiest of the WWE, both on the side of the babyface and on the side of the heel.

In the last two three years, however, Sasha Banks has also had to go through some slightly delicate moments, with the former Friday Night Smackdown champion who had even gone so far as to request the release directly from Vince McMahon, after a very dark period of his personal and working life.

Sasha Banks reveals what led her to apply for release

In her latest interview with Ariel Helwani’s microphones, for BT Sport, Sasha Banks relived those dark days of a few years ago for a few minutes, saying: “I just felt like I couldn’t give the best I was able to do anymore.

If I can’t achieve the best I can, if I’m not able to give it my all, then it’s time to change the air and find the way and the place to do it. I have always been the performer who wanted to be number one and I felt that my heart no longer told me the same things.

I felt I needed to take a break. I needed the release and Vince said ‘No’ It was a great decision on both sides. He knew what I was seeing at the time and is a very intelligent person, as well as kind and humane. He understood what I needed, that it was ‘time’ and at the end of the story, all I wanted was some time.”

Fortunately for all WWE Universe fans, after a period lasting a few weeks, Sasha Banks is back in the best possible way in front of the WWE cameras and has returned to excite all members of the audience of the company as always, as if nothing had ever happened.

Speaking about Team RAW, Sasha said she was eager to face Bianca Belair once again, given all their history. The Legit Boss also stated that Rhea Ripley was new to her, and she couldn’t wait to go up against one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Banks made a bold statement that SmackDown was the superior brand because of her presence: “I can’t wait to tie up in that ring again with Bianca Belair, a little WrestleMania history right there. Rhea Ripley – really, really brand new to me.

Someone I’m looking forward to tying up in the ring with. Queen Zelina, Carmella bring it. Liv Morgan, I am watching you.”

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