Roman Reigns shows no mercy

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report. Last stop before Survivor Series, but new major last-minute changes await us or will everything go smoothly? Will the most useless and random turn heel of recent years, Adam Pearce’s, lead anywhere? In the XL Center in Hartford, everything is ready, on the keyboard your SimoneSian, we can begin.

– The episode opens with the Usos in the ring! Behind them, there is a find and the two remember how last week Roman Reigns slaughtered King Woods, adding that in the Survivor Series the same will happen to both the friend of the king Big E and their opponents of the RK-Bro, then they introduce the Tribal Chief.

Everything looks ready for the coronation, but I find this whole story pointless, as Reigns hasn’t officially defeated Woods anyway. The ring was decorated with the King of the Ring items stolen after the group attacked Xavier Woods on SmackDown last week.

Roman Reigns took exception to the items in the ring and claimed he didn’t need any gimmicks to be acknowledged. King Woods interrupted the Universal Champion and challenged him to a match later in the night without The Usos around.

Woods watched as The Bloodline damaged his cloak, throne, and scepter in the middle of the SmackDown ring.

Roman Reigns kicked off the show

Paul Heyman takes the floor and says that there is no need for this step, it is enough for everyone to recognize Roman Reigns as the undisputed King of the WWE.

Roman asks, however, to do what was agreed, but … KING WOODS INTERVENES! The winner of the KOTR replies that a true King is recognized for his behavior and for his commitment to give his all for his audience, but Roman responds by stepping on the cloak and telling the Usos to destroy the scepter and throne.

The Samoans then take the crown and Roman starts to beat it, but … WOODS RUNS ON THE RING! The Usos immediately intervene and KO Woods, then hold him to the ground and force him to watch as his crown is destroyed by the Head Of The Table.

Backstage King Woods, sad and aching, promises that he will take revenge on Roman Reigns already this evening. The latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with the destruction of King Woods. However, the Universal Champion got his payback for his actions. Earlier in the show, Roman Reigns cleared his statements by destroying Woods’s crown.

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