Rob Van Dam does not rule out his possible WWE return

Rob Van Dam is the only wrestler to be a Triple Crown Champion in both WWE and ECW. During his long tenure in the Stamford-based federation, he won his first title in 2001 (the Hardcore Championship) and was a six-time Intercontinental Champion.

RVD is also known as ‘The Franchise of ECW’, having been its iconic face from the late 1990s until the company went bankrupt. The WWE Hall of Famer took part in the latest edition of ‘INSIGHT’ with Chris Van Vliet, where he retraced his legendary career in professional wrestling.

When asked if he would agree to return to WWE, the 50-year-old from Battle Creek responded quite surprisingly.

Rob Van Dam on his potential WWE return

“I know some might be skeptical about it, but I’m still capable of staying in the ring.

I don’t know if I will play other matches in WWE, but I don’t close the doors to this eventuality at all. I would have no problem returning to Vince McMahon’s federation, unless there are foreclosures on their part.

Throughout this time, I have stayed in touch with Vince and we have a great relationship. There have been rumors that I would be at loggerheads with the WWE, but they are all falsehoods” – said Rob Van Dam. Rob is in very good shape despite his age: “Another fake news said that I would never fight again because of of my past concussions and most people believed it was true.

I’ve never talked to WWE about my concussions. Fans must learn not to believe everything they read on the web”. In 2021, RVD was inducted into the Hall of Fame. “I have to admit it was a great honor. I had to wear a dress that doesn’t quite fit my usual style, but it was still fun.

” Rob held 21 titles in total across ECW, WWE and TNA, not forgetting countless local awards. In the most important federations, he is a three-time world champion. When asked about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, RVD called it a “great honor” and spoke about what comes with it regarding his current relationship with the company.

“That’s obviously a great honor,” Rob Van Dam said. “I don’t know what else will come of the relationship with myself and WWE. Like even the merchandise that they make with me. I don’t know about it, almost ever, until it’s already out.

It’s always been that way. You know, like before I even started collecting action figures, I used to sign them from the fans. They bring it up to me, and whoa! I haven’t seen this one. That’s cool. And then I just started collecting and feeling like I gotta get them all because I have so many. I’m obsessive when I get into something, but that’s just the way it is.”

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