Quentin Tarantino Is Being Sued Over His Pulp Fiction NFT Plans

NFT are three letters that have an incredible amount of buzz surrounding them. Depending on your perspective, they are either a breakthrough in digital technology that changes the way ownership works, or they are ridiculous wastes of money. Whatever your feelings on the topic, a lot of people and companies have been getting in on the craze, but now Quentin Tarantino is being sued by Miramax over his plan to release Pulp Fiction NFTs.

Quentin Tarantino had previously revealed plans to offer script pages for seven scenes that had not made it into Pulp Fiction, as well as other related items, as NFTs. But Miramax, the studio that distributed the movie, has filed a lawsuit to block Tarantino from doing this. 

Why Miramax Is Suing Quentin Tarantino 

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