Paul Heyman gives a spoiler on Roman Reigns

There are merely a few hours to go until the 2021 Survivor Series, the next Pay Per View event to be held by WWE. In this show there will be several challenges between the main brands of Vince McMahon’s company, namely Raw vs Smackdown.

One of the most anticipated matches is the Champion vs Champion match between Tribal Chief and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs WWE Champion and rising wrestler Big E. Roman has held the title for over a year now and is aiming for the longest reign record.

of Brock Lesnar’s story. The wrestler has stopped anyone who got in his way and the New Day member is next on the list. Roman Reigns is set to face Big E at Survivor Series this weekend. As the two top champions from SmackDown and RAW prepare to battle for brand supremacy, Paul Heyman has disclosed the ‘spoiler’ for the upcoming match in his usual fashion.

He praised Big E for his in-ring abilities but assured that The Tribal Chief would walk out with a victory at the upcoming pay-per-view.

Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns

In a recent interview with Squared Circle Pit, Roman Reigns advisor and WWE’s famous Mad Genius Paul Heyman discussed what will happen to the Survivor Series by telling his feelings and giving a preview: “I don’t think I have to say that Roman Reigns will win at the Survivor Series.

Roman Reigns will destroy Big E, this is not hypothesis or an attack of presumption, this is a SPOILER.” Then the well-known manager continued: “Big E is a fantastic wrestler, probably the second greatest talent in WWE and the fact that he is WWE Champion.

He will be crushed, he will be destroyed by Roman Reigns and there is nothing to be ashamed of being destroyed by Roman, he is the best.” The Tribal Chief’s adviser then went on to nominate stars now released by the company: “Over the past 14 months Roman destroyed The Fiend and he disappeared from WWE.

He himself arose for Braun Strowman and destroyed other wrestlers such as Edge, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. He destroyed two legends by counting them along with Wrestlemania, the list is eternal and all in recent months have been shot down, Brock Lesnar himself in Riyadh, Roman is incredible.”

Heyman named everyone that Roman Reigns has ‘smashed’ since his heel turn, including former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. He mentioned how The Fiend lost against the reigning Universal Champion and left the company before mentioning others who went down the same path.

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