Kevin Owens comments on his recent turn heel

In the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens completed his umpteenth turn heel by going to attack the WWE champion, Big E. federation champion, while the latter was ringside, with fans quite blown away, Owens having been a babyface until now.

Apparently, although Survivor Series is now around the corner, with Big E having a match against Roman Reigns, in a Champion vs Champion match, his main feud remains the one seen in the Raw rings, with Owens continuing to fight.

chasing the champion, even after the Series. In the last episode of WWE The Bump, Kevin Owens also wanted to talk about his huge victory against Finn Balor, on Monday Night Raw last Monday, with such a victory that would be the first in a long time by KO and of which he has therefore wanted to speak at length in the secondary broadcast of the Stamford company.

Backstage News on Kevin Owens

On the microphones of WWE The Bump, Kevin Owens first wanted to talk about Finn Balor, saying: “Well, Finn is a fantastic professional wrestler; a fantastic performer. On Monday, I was better.

It was the first victory in quite some time (which I had) “Regarding his feud with Big E, KO instead stated: “What happened a couple of weeks ago with Big E… you know, I’ve spent years trying to leave certain things in the past.

None of that interested me. People want to say that I did a turn on Big E, but he did it towards me instead, in my opinion. No, I don’t regret anything. I tried to show people that I tried and I couldn’t. None of what I’ve done matters.

As I said on Monday, why fight? Everyone wants me to be a bitch. So that’s okay. I have no more energy to spend. I have no energy left in me to use, so here we are.” Kevin Owens appeared on the latest edition of WWE’s The Bump and wasn’t thrilled with Austin Theory’s antics.

While Owens spoke, Theory was playing with his action figure. Owens lashed out at Theory in a heated rant, but this wasn’t the end of it. Theory posted a tweet highlighting his appearance on The Bump and tagged Owens. Theory is seen posing in front of a TV screen playing Owens’ rant.

The former Universal Champion had had enough and decided to block Theory on Twitter. Kevin Owens and Austin theory will compete in the 5-on-5 Men’s Survivor Series Elimination match this Sunday. The two are part of Team RAW with Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, and Finn Balor. These five men are set to collide with Team SmackDown at the mega event.

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