Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Becoming A Real Master In Taking Adorable Photos While Hiding Her Kid’s Face

Katherine Schwarzenegger is a wife, a mom, a frequent brand ambassador, and did I mention she’s also a wizard when it comes to balancing a private life and social media fanbase? Schwarzenegger was early on the trend of sharing moments of her family life without sharing her daughter Lyla’s face before she’s ready. But the latest round has me pretty impressed, though she had a little help from her husband Chris Pratt. 

Taking to Instagram, the mom of one shared a pretty photo that is optimal from all angles. There’s nature, there’s a lovely look at the celebrity mom and her tyke without giving her daughter’s face away. Oh and Pratt was involved this time to boot. He’s actually the person who took the snap, so I guess he also deserves some brownie points here. Take a look. 

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