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Karan Kundrra Isn’t Happy With Tejasswi Prakash’s Bond With Vishal Kotian

Tejasswi and Karan in Bigg Boss 15. (courtesy tejranedits)


  • Karan Kundra confessed he had a crush on Tejasswi
  • Tejasswi too revealed that she has a crush on Karan
  • Karan addressed Tejasswi and Vishal as “smart players”

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 15 saw the budding romance between contestants Karan Kundra and Tejasswi Prakash in the last few episodes. But the tables have turned now. In a recent episode, Tejasswi and Vishal Kotian were seen talking for over an hour indoors. This irritated Karan and he discussed the matter with co-contestant Umar Riaz. Karan complained that Tejasswi did not tell him what she and Vishal had been talking about for a stretch of about 1.5 hours. He added, “Agar aap kuch cheez chupani shuru kar do na ek bande se, jiske sath aap close ho, to kahi na kahi kharabi hogi [If you start hiding things from a guy with whom you are close, it will spoil things between the two].”

Karan Kundrra continued ranting, “Gussa bhi aata hai…Kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hai kya karu [I get angry but I don’t understand what to do].” Karan and Vishal Kotian have been known as staunch enemies on the show. Karan addressed Tejasswi’s behaviour, “Mereko problem hai Vishal se toh tu kyun baat kar rahi hai [If I have a problem with Vishal why will you talk to him?]”

Karan Kundrra acknowledged that both Tejasswi Prakash and Vishal Kotian are smart players. He also admitted that Tejasswi’s actions could be a way to strategise her game. “Woh bhi game khel rahi hai. Usko bhi aagey jana hai [She is also playing the game. She also needs to go ahead],” Karan said.

Karan Kundrra admitted that he was possessive about Tejasswi Prakash. He said, “Mera andar ka banda hai na, jo possessive hai Teja ke liya, woh maan nahi raha hai iss baat ko [The part of me that is possessive about Teja is not willing to accept their friendship].”

Umar Riaz  told Karan Kundrra, “Roz aap baat karte ho. Emotion barta jaata hai. Lekin woh cheez aapko disturb aur karegi [You both talk every day. That flares up emotions. But it will also disturb you more].” In the end, Karan said that his relation with Tejasswi Prakash would get affected because of all this.

Earlier, Vishal Kotian tried to team up with Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash against Shamita Shetty. But Karan said that it would be like betraying Shamita as she considers Vishal her brother.

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