Highlander Reboot Director Explains Why Henry Cavill Is Perfect For The Lead Role

Over the last decade, Henry Cavill has lent his acting talents to various franchises and properties, from his time as Superman in the DC Extended Universe to starring as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher. Soon this corner of his professional life will grow a bit bigger, as it was revealed in May that Cavill will star in the Highlander reboot being directed by John Wick’s Chad Stahelski. As for why Cavill was the perfect person to lead this reimagining of the Highlander mythology, Stahelski said it boiled down to both the actor’s physical presence and having the necessary gravitas to play an immortal warrior.

As Chad Stahelski explained, it wasn’t enough for Henry Cavill to have the right physicality for Highlander; he also needed to be able to “carry the empathy of a character that’s lived 500 years.” Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Stahelski to see that Cavill could easily handle this, telling THR:

The character’s arc spans hundreds of years and he becomes many different personalities, all of which extend the timeline of his emotional growth. Then during our first meeting, my suspicions were confirmed: Henry was immediately riffing on the idea of the burden of immortality and you could see in his eyes that he can transform himself from being a young, vibrant soul to an old, wise soul. He had this combination I was fascinated by. The other thing you could see was his genuineness – he really loves the property and loves what he believes he can do with it, and when an actor has that level of passion, you’re going to get something unique. And finally – you’ve met him, you know – after 10 minutes you’re just like: ‘He’s cool, I want to hang out with this guy.’

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