Finn Balor is injured

Over the past few months Finn Balor has experienced a major series of ups and downs. After being a protagonist at NXT where he became champion The Prince has experienced a good return to the main roster at Friday Night Smackdown where, however, he has dropped gradually.

With the Draft Finn Balor has been moved from the company to Monday Night Raw where in the intentions of the strong company he is destined to become a prominent wrestler. The wrestler played a very important role during the recent tour of Vince McMahon’s wrestling company which was held in the UK.

However, there are important indications on his future.

Latest update on Finn Balor

According to reports from PWInsider colleagues Finn Balor retired at the last second from the Leeds Live Event, a show planned for England.

The reason lies in a small injury suffered by the wrestler and which forced him to miss the event. Fortunately, according to what was reported, it would not be anything serious and the stop would be only precautionary. The reason and what the true nature of the wrestler’s physical problem is unknown.

It is not excluded that Balor could return directly to the Survivor Series, thus also skipping the next WWE event. In the next Pay Per View, Balor will be one of the five protagonists of Team Raw in the challenge against the blue roster: the five members are Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley who he beat during the last episode of Raw Dominik Mysterio and who has thus taken his place in his team.

With them there will also be MVP and the five will challenge Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Sami Zayn and Happy Corbin. In the course of these recent shows in the UK Balor has seen it against another great NXT wrestler, in this case, however, we are talking about NXT UK: or the record holder of the kingdom titled of the English version of NXT, or WALTER.

It’s common for wrestlers to have minor injuries and to be banged up while on the road. WWE is back on the road again, doing their first international tour since the pre-pandemic. Given that Finn Balor is a part of the RAW Men’s Survivor Series team, it isn’t surprising that they took the precautionary measure of keeping him out of the live event.

Perhaps it was a smarter move, and if we don’t see Finn Balor wrestle on the RAW before Survivor Series next week, it may confirm the report to be true.

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