Eric Bischoff talks about Goldberg

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Goldberg is one of the most influential and popular superstars in professional wrestling history. When 25 years have passed since his debut in this business, Bill still manages to express himself at high levels in the ring.

Although he receives numerous criticisms from former colleagues and insiders, fans in the arenas still seem to be in love with his style, chanting his name loudly just as they did in the late 90s. The former Universal Champion has started a very heated feud with Bobby Lashley in recent months, culminating in the splendid battle between the two held at Crown Jewel.

Experts agree that Goldberg’s performance in Saudi Arabia is his best in recent years. According to his recent statements, the contract that binds him to WWE would only include one more match. In the latest edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff – who worked closely with Goldberg during his time at WCW – shared some background on Bill’s management.

Eric Bischoff on Goldberg

“What was it like working with Goldberg? It is not easy to answer this question. Bill was a very intense, emotional and passionate guy, but he didn’t have much experience in the industry when he joined WCW.

He felt quite uncomfortable in the professional wrestling environment,” said Eric Bischoff. “If you take someone with a strong personality and who puts a lot of pressure on himself as a perfectionist, but who lacks the confidence that comes from experience, you get a difficult athlete to manage” – admitted the former president of WCW.

Goldberg commented positively on his performance at Crown Jewel: “I didn’t have a good balance sheet in Saudi Arabia before this last event. A lot of people still had in mind what happened with The Undertaker. I felt the need to redeem myself.

I think I have offered such a return to silence my detractors. For the rest, I feel in good shape and I think I can fight for a while.” Corey Graves, on the After The Bell podcast, was full of praise for Goldberg and his performance at Crown Jewel, stating that the WCW icon had a different type of match.

“I don’t know if this is the popular opinion, but this is my opinion, that Bobby Lashley vs Goldberg may have been the best Goldberg match I’ve ever seen… Goldberg’s a Hall of Famer… He would not be out of line in going, ‘Hey, I’ve done everything that I can do, I’m ready to call it a career.’

But the fact that Goldberg stepped up at this stage in his career… Most of Goldberg’s matches are short, they’re impactful.”

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