Dutch Mantell takes a shot at Nick Khan

WWE carried out a new wave of releases a few days ago, which reignited the debate over the Stamford-based federation’s policy to mitigate the aftermath of the pandemic. Vince McMahon’s company has fired about 80 superstars in the past year and a half, as well as several behind-the-scenes insiders.

The drop in ratings and the vehement rise of All Elite Wrestling have imposed a series of drastic measures on WWE, the result of a process of involution well known to all fans. It is no mystery that the company is trying in every way to rejuvenate the roster and give new impetus to a poorly original and often repetitive product.

During the latest edition of ‘Smack Talk’ on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell gave strong criticism of Nick Khan, president and Chief Revenue Officer of the company. “I think Nick Khan doesn’t know anything about wrestling.

No one intends about this business, it is so obvious. He is limited only to following the orders of Vince McMahon, who still plays a leading role in the sector of creative choices” – declared Dutch Mantell.

Dutch Mantell slams Nick Khan

Dutch Mantell then went into detail: “People have to get it into their heads that WWE doesn’t respond to their fans or insiders.

We are talking about a listed company, which is required to act in the interest of the shareholders. So many decisions may not be right for us, but they aren’t responding to us. They are responding to their shareholders. We must enter into this order of ideas “

Mantell also lashed out at the Performance Center: “From my point of view, that PC in Orlando is very overrated. They take the athletes there and leave them there for an indefinite period of time. They keep them hidden for one, two, three or even four years.

They keep making mistakes and they don’t even realize it. Looking at the superstars of All Elite Wrestling, it is easy to realize that they enjoy more creative freedom. WWE stars necessarily go through the PC, so they have to do things their way and there is no alternative.”

Nick Khan has been linked to these decisions, taking the brunt of criticism from WWE fans for these releases. He recently sat down with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, discussing a host of topics. Khan revealed how involved he was in making the releases.

Vince McMahon ultimately has the final say. “There’s a collective of us. And keep in mind, in WWE there’s one boss. That’s Vince, as we all know. So between Bruce Prichard, who oversees the entire creative process, between Kevin Dunn who oversees all of our production, between Stephanie McMahon, [Triple H], all are involved in these decisions, with ultimately Vince making the final decision on everything,” Nick Khan said.

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