Drew McIntyre will present the 2021 MTV EMAs

The European Music Awards organized every year by MTV, which has always been involved in sharing music with the world, will take place on November 14 in Budapest, Hungary. The broadcaster announced, among the many names, also that of Drew McIntyre, who will be at the event.

MTV announced today: “MTV today announced international pop star Rita Ora, supermodel Winnie Harlow, OneRepublic’s international musician and producer Ryan Tedder, WWE Superstar Drew Mcintyre, international singer-songwriter and actor Olly Alexander ( Years & Years), international DJ and producer Joel Corry, and Brazilian star and singer Manu Gavassi who will present the awards during the 2021 MTV EMAs.”

This is really great news because, as we have seen with the collaboration between WWE and Bad Bunny as well, these are all things that can help bring fans towards discipline. Of course, maybe they are more casual at the moment, but this does not mean that a passion cannot be born in them to follow more and more wrestling worldwide.

Great chance for Drew McIntyre

Recently Drew McIntyre also talked about the respect he has earned from Vince McMahon, which of course is the thing that is driving him to do great things in wrestling and on a more popular level like this MTV thing: “The opportunity to have more time face to face with Vince McMahon was a deciding factor.

Being involved in more significant segments, as well as having longer matches on Raw, gave me the opportunity to go to his office more often than him and build a solid relationship. This is an important aspect of any workplace.

Having a good relationship with your boss is key, especially in WWE. I also learned a lot from him. I started trusting him and Vince started trusting me.” Originally dubbed “The Chosen One” by Vince McMahon himself, Drew McIntyre has enjoyed life at the very top, but he has also spent time in the wrestling basement as well.

For example, his time as lead air guitarist for The 3 Man Band was nothing to write home about. With that said, this is a WWE superstar who refuses to accept mediocrity. After being released by WWE in 2014, McIntyre never missed a beat.

He would use this setback as a setup for something greater. He went on a global reckoning tour of domination, beginning with ICW.

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