Dave Bautista Reacts After His Buddy Cop Movie With Jason Momoa Takes A Step Forward

Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now and that star power has helped make a dream of theirs come true. The buddy cop movie the pair have been pitching for months has been picked up and is actually happening. Just this week, the project found a home at MGM and seems to be well on its way to the big screen. Now, following the exciting development, Bautista has responded to the news. 

Dave Bautista took to Instagram to celebrate the news of the movie officially becoming a reality. It all started with a simple idea and two actors’ desire to create something together again, and Bautista couldn’t be happier or prouder. He said:

2 months 11 days wait time. Acceptable! We came, We hugged, We conquered. Proud AF of this accomplishment. We materialized this from nothing more than love, respect and a desire to work together again. … Love you brother @prideofgypsies We manifested the shit out of this! Big Love over Big Egos. We win!

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