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Coming soon from Cranked Up: THIS GAME’S CALLED MURDER Starring Ron Perlman – in Theaters December 3rd

Starring: Ron Perlman, Vanessa Marano and Natasha Henstridge
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Theatrical Release: December 3, 2021
@ the Cinema Village in NYC and the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Los Angeles


THIS GAME’S CALLED MURDER is a dark and wickedly funny film about the eccentric members of the Wallendorf Family. Mr. Wallendorf, a fashion mogul and designer of iconic red high heeled shoes, Mrs. Wallendorf, his conniving brutal wife, and Jennifer Wallendorf, their daughter and a social media powerhouse who’s just trying to figure out love, friendship, and world dominance. The eccentric Wallendorf’s struggle to maintain the facade of a prominent successful family while their violent nature rips them apart.

Written, Directed, and Produced by: Adam Sherman
Produced by: Noemi Santo
Composer: Bear McCreary
Vanessa Marano, James Lastovic, Ron Perlman, Natasha Henstridge, Nicole Sousa,
Nikko Austen Smith, Tory Devon Smith

Run Time: 1:46 Minutes

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