Clifford The Big Red Dog Is CGI, So Why Is PETA Taking Aim At The Children’s Movie?

PETA has never hesitated to speak out against films or television shows that utilize live animals. In the past, the organization has targeted productions like Better Things, I Know This Much Is True, and even ad campaigns for fashion corporation Gucci for using real animals instead of their faux CGI counterparts. So why is PETA calling out Clifford the Big Red Dog, a movie notable for its computer-generated, crimson furball? Well, turns out, Clifford isn’t the film’s only non-human character. 

After Clifford the Big Red Dog hit theaters on November 10, sitting Senior Vice President of PETA Lisa Lange issued a statement (in a company press release) that addressed the film’s alleged mistreatment of several of the live animals used in the production. The statement reads: 

While other movies opt for CGI that allows monkeys to stay with their families, instead of being dragged onto film sets and forced to perform, Clifford the Big Red Dog doubles down on old-school cruelty. Clifford is a big red flag, and kind audiences should skip the flick in favor of productions that don’t exploit animals.

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