Bobby Steveson changes his name

Over the past few months, WWE has been dedicated to releasing several people on its rosters and crew, including athletes, referees, road agents, office workers, executives, and many more. In addition to the layoffs, however, WWE has also gone to hire several guys from the most disparate disciplines, including MMA, wrestling, boxing and many other combat sports, with several names that have already appeared in the NXT rings that I am proof of this.

The last name of the last class of new recruits hired by WWE to have appeared in the rings of the WWE multicolored show, was that of Solo Sikoa, brother of the even more famous Usos of the main roster and therefore younger cousin of Roman Reigns, current Universal Champion always of the blue show.

After making him change his name, with the boy who became Solo Sikoa from Joseph Fatu, his real name, another colleague also had to change his ring-name to start working with the company and also in this case, we are talking about a brother of not indifferent art.

Steveson, 21, won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in August. A lifelong wrestling fan, the American has repeatedly teased in recent weeks that he could join WWE or pursue a career in mixed martial arts.

His brother, Bobby Steveson, signed with WWE last week. In a a message that appeared on its official Twitter page, the brother of wrestling wrestler, winner of a gold medal in Tokyo 2021, Gable Steveson, also signed by WWE just a few months ago, confirmed that the WWE changed his ring-name, to make him debut in his rings shortly.

New details on Bobby Steveson

If his real name is Bobby Steveson, in the WWE rings, the wrestler will become Damon Kemp, with his brother who, instead, to ride his fame, will very likely keep his real name and will not use the classic stage name.

The strange thing is that the name Damon Kemp, is the name of an American homicide infamous for crime news in the USA, with the WWE that may not have remembered this little detail or maybe it could have selected this name for stage some particular storylines, with the character played on-screen by the brother of the Olympic gold medalist.

Paul Heyman worked as Brock Lesnar’s on-screen agent in 2002 and as his advocate between 2012 and 2020. During The Beast Incarnate’s recent 17-month hiatus, Heyman became Roman Reigns’ special counsel on WWE SmackDown.

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