Big E would like to retire Goldberg

Goldberg has been the subject of a lot of criticism from experts and fans in recent years. Recently, the former Universal Champion started a heated feud with Bobby Lashley. The showdown between the two took place at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, where Bill unleashed a performance that left everyone speechless.

A few days after that match, the 54-year-old from Tulsa revealed that his WWE contract includes just one more fight. “I feel like I can fight for a little while longer, but my agreement with WWE only includes one more match and that’s it.

We will see what happens in the next few months” – Goldberg told the ‘Ring Rules’ microphones. According to several insiders, Bill has received too many titled chances in recent years, attracting the anger and envy of many colleagues.

During a lengthy interview with ‘RN Pro Wrestling’, Big E revealed his desire to ‘retire’ Goldberg in the future. “Until recently, my chances of getting into the ring with Goldberg in his last fight were 2.5%.

Now that I have this blessed WWE Championship, anything is possible. I would be thrilled to receive such an opportunity. Imagine Goldberg having his last match against me” – said Big E.

Big E wants to face Goldberg

The latter said he first met the former WCW star almost 25 years ago.

“We met in a Tampa store when I was a kid in the late 90s. He was in an autograph session. Working with him would be the ideal closure of a circle for me”. Big E also talked about the New Day: “The truth is that we enjoy more freedom in our promos than other athletes.

A lot of superstars have their hands tied in this respect, while we can play as we please. In general, Vince McMahon is still very involved in the decisions.” The rumor suggested that Goldberg would be making his triumphant return to the squared circle by defeating Kofi Kingston for his WWE Title at the Saudi Arabia event.

Another rumor stated that Goldberg will be taking on former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at The Biggest Party of the Summer, Summerslam 2019. According to Wrestling News Co., both rumors are completely untrue. WWE still hasn’t decided what they would be doing with the returning Superstar at the Saudi show.

Goldberg is returning to WWE after a hiatus of two long years. It would be interesting to see what WWE has in store for him at the June 7th show.

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