All The Harry Potter Movies Are On Sale For Black Friday, And I Can’t Recommend This Set Enough

The Harry Potter film franchise just hit its 20th anniversary and, though two decades have passed since that first installment hit theaters, the franchise now seems more popular than ever. I myself am also a fan and was actually introduced to the Wizarding World through those big-screen adaptations. With this, I absolutely had to own all eight films on Blu-ray, and it’s one of the best box sets I’m fortunate enough to have in my collection. 

Yes, the movies air on television and are available for streaming, but serious fans should surely consider owning them (Especially since the films switch streaming services as frequently as the stairs change at Hogwarts.) And if you’re eager to do just that, then you’re in luck, because the very set that I own is on sale this Black Friday, and I can’t recommend it enough!

The blockbuster films have been released a number of times over the years and on a plethora of formats. If you’re old enough to remember (like me), some of the earlier installments were actually released on VHS. Of course, over the years, they’ve also been available o DVD and Blu-ray, with Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 even making their way to Blu-ray 3D. More recently, the films have even been upgraded for glorious 4K UHD releases. Unfortunately, I personally don’t have 4K (which will hopefully change soon), but the BD release of Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection should be great for anyone in the same boat as myself: 

Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

There are definitely plenty of gifts that you could buy this holiday season for that special Harry Potter fan in your life. There’s cool LEGO sets, adorable Funko Pops and even a sweet Advent calendar. But of course, what could be a better present than the movies that helped spawn these various pieces of merchandise? And thankfully, Best Buy has you covered with the Complete 8-Film Collection:

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