Zendaya Talking About Dune Dance Parties Is The 2021 Version Of Lady Gaga’s Viral A Star Is Born Story

The cast of Dune has been hyping the Denis Villeneuve movie for like two years now. Filming actually took place on the film way back in 2019 with the expectation the movie would come out in 2020. Then Covid hit, and the rest has been history. It’s also meant the cast has had to continue to hype the big screen retelling of Frank Herbert’s famous novel. For Zendaya, this has meant an awful lot of talk about dance parties, and it’s totally reminding me of Lady Gaga’s famously repeated “one person” quote when A Star Is Born released. 

You remember when Lady Gaga did A Star Is Born. The singer was tickled pink to get on the red carpet for awards season and she loved, loved, loved telling the story of the time no one believed in her acting ability but Bradley Cooper took a chance. Take a look, though you’ve probably heard her say it before…

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