WWE stars will have to make a strange stopover to get to Crown Jewel

The games are now done and the WWE is expected in a few hours to stage its next great PPV from Riyadh, where it will stage Crown Jewel 2021. We have now reached yet another appointment with the ppv of Arabia Saudi strongly wanted by the family of the Saudi prince who controls the country, WWE will have to go around the world to bring its crew to the Asian country, after having brought back on stage in front of a real audience even the weekly tapings and the ppv from last July to today.

After a year and a half of world pandemic that had blocked all the shows of the McMahon-owned federation, closing the doors to every type of show, if not the virtual one, thanks to the ThunderDome built specifically for this transitory phase of the history of pro-wrestling (and not only), the WWE also returns around the world, to show audiences around the globe a new unique experience from Saudi Arabia.

The thing that doesn’t go down to the insiders and the Superstars of the company, however, is the long journey that they will have to endure in a few hours, with a long stop that is already causing nightmares to everyone, including wrestlers.

WWE stars will have to make a strange stopover to get to Crown Jewel

Nine matches are currently set for Crown Jewel, with WWE likely to add a match to the Kickoff Show. But what match will it be? If WWE opts to book a title match, Shinsuke Nakamura may make the trip to Saudi Arabia and defend his Intercontinental Championship.

He has wrestled at most shows of this kind, even defending the US title against Rusev on the Crown Jewel Kickoff Show in 2018. As confirmed in the last hours by the pages of the well-known site Ringside News, the topic of conversation of all day today and yesterday, in the backstage of the WWE, was precisely the journey to which both the main rosters are called of the company, in view of the Arab ppv, with the wrestlers and professionals, who in addition to having to cross half the world to get from the USA to Saudi Arabia, will also have to make a strange stopover in London.

According to some sources inside the company, the flight that the crew will have to take will stop at a stopover in London for more than two hours, in which everyone will have to go ashore with their luggage, and then undergo the appropriate checks again, but to get back on the same plane.

In practice, for almost 2 and a half hours, including boarding, the WWE crew will have to get off and on the same plane, passing through airport controls, with the thing that is already sending athletes and insiders into a rage, for this apparently quite a senseless thing.

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