Woody Harrelson Reportedly Involved In Bar Scuffle In DC

As far as his recent box office output is concerned, actor Woody Harrelson couldn’t be more on top of the world. Thanks to Venom: Let There Be Carnage setting a pandemic box office record, Harrelson’s Carnage is making a lot of moviegoers happy with his gleeful madness. But apparently there was someone in Washington D.C. who wasn’t exactly his biggest fan, which reportedly led to a bar scuffle that saw Woody Harrelson defending himself from a physical assault.

The story was reported by The Washington Post, which reports that the incident allegedly started when Woody Harrelson asked a patron at the “Top of the Gate” bar to delete photos he’d reportedly taken of the actor and his daughter. This led to an argument that eventually led to the unnamed participant, who was reported to have been drinking himself, took a run at Harrelson, who then “struck” him in self defence. No charges have been filed at this time, as Washington DC police have come to that same conclusion. 

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