Will Real Steel 2 Happen With Hugh Jackman? Another Actor Has Responded To Those Sequel Rumors

It’s been a whole decade since Shawn Levy’s Real Steel was released, but the huge gap in time isn’t keeping fans from hoping the Hugh Jackman-led film will get a sequel. It wouldn’t be the first time that a film has gotten a follow-up after such a long period of time, especially in the sci-fi genre. Now, Evangeline Lilly has responded to questions about a sequel after Levy teases that one could still be made.

The actress recently spoke about her roles as Marvel’s Wasp and her new role opposite Jason Sudeikis in South of Heaven. During her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she also touched on her feelings about working on Real Steel and expressed her love of the film. The star also went on to give her rationale regarding why a sequel has not been made. Here it is in Lilly’s own words:

Real Steel is one of my favorite films I’ve ever been a part of. I thought there ought to have been a sequel because the film was so good and it was so beloved. But I know that the reason there wasn’t was because the film was marketed as this testosterone-driven, rah-rah, beat-him-up kind of macho movie for boys between the ages of 18 and 35. But in actuality, it was a beautiful, heartfelt father-son redemption story for the family to watch together. And families didn’t find the film until after it had gone to DVD at that point in time, and then streaming. So it wasn’t marketed to them, but had it been marketed to families, it would have most certainly had a sequel.

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