Will Ospreay challenges a huge superstar

CM Punk has only been back in the world of pro-wrestling for a few weeks, but he has already found bread for his teeth, with some challenges that have already arrived in the All Elite Wrestling rings and others that will have to arrive in the coming weeks.

His first encounter in the rings of the Khan family company, was with former TNT Champion Darby Allin, with CM Punk who did not disfigure at all, after 7 years of inactivity in the pro-wrestling rings, with Darby having suffered one of the very few defeats of this very rosy 2021 for him.

Apparently, in the last few hours, another challenge would also arrive at the address of CM Punk, with a very important name of the independent circuit, which would have challenged not only the Second City Savior of Chicago but also several other important personalities who arrived in AEW recently, including Bryan Danielson.

We’re talking about Will Ospreay. At RevPro UK’s High Stakes event, Will Ospreay added two new members to his faction, The United Empire.

Will Ospreay challenges CM Punk

Popular tag team Aussie Open joined Ospreay’s faction after the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion was victorious.

In his latest interview with SE Scoops, the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion wanted to talk about Punk and several other wrestlers currently under contract with the All Elite, saying: “I would still like to have a match with CM Punk.

He’s the one who challenged me first. He said ‘I want to fight Will Ospreay’ So deal, Bryan Danielson, he said ‘I want to fight Will Ospreay’ and I accept. Kenny Omega also wants to fight me. Get him a ticket and when the time comes I’ll face all of you guys.

They called me and challenged me. Sammy Guevara, that’s another one who challenged me.” Apparently, the former NJPW champion would have multiple key AEW figures on his list, all in his sights, with this interview almost seeming to have been a prelude to Will Ospreay’s passage into the company of the Khans, sooner or later.

We just have to wait for the end of his contract with the NJPW to understand if one of the most important and famous fighters of the independents can make the big leap into All Elite one day or another. All three men were previously recruited by Ospreay back in Japan, and all three are currently working in Japan.

Cobb, O-Khan, and Henare are unable to travel to international borders at the moment. Both Cobb and O-Khan are currently competing in the ongoing G1 Climax tournament. The pair won their respective matches this past weekend, with O-Khan getting past Tanga Loa and Cobb beating Chase Owens on the second night of action.

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