Why Disneyland Didn’t Make A Mandated Change While Universal Studios Hollywood Did

Today, if you choose to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, you may have have to show proof of full vaccination if you’re 12-year-old or older, or you won’t be able to get in the gate. However, head down the road a piece to Disneyland Resort and, assuming you have a reservation, you’ll be able to get in without such a step. While both parks have been largely following the same guidelines up until now, beginning today the fact that they are in two separate counties is now important.

As the global pandemic enters yet another phase we’re seeing different counties impose different levels of restriction. Today a Los Angeles County public health order goes into effect that requires proof of vaccination, or a negative covid test, to be shown to enter many places where large crowds gather, including restaurants, bars, and also theme parks. This makes Universal Studios Hollywood the biggest theme park location in the nation to require vaccination as of now.

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