Why did Edge return to WWE?

One of the most important characters of the last two years of WWE returned to action after almost a decade of forced stop for a very bad neck injury, responds to the name of Edge, former WWE Hall of Famer, as well as a multiple world champion of the Stamford-based company.

After having had to wait nine years to return to doing what he loved most in the rings around the world, Edge also returned to the great successes of the past, winning this year’s edition of the Royal Rumble, but not finding the triumph at Wrestlemania, where a Roman Reigns in great shape annihilated him, along with the other contender of the main event of the evening: Daniel Bryan.

After having also seen Daniel Bryan leave WWE and present himself in the AEW rings with his old nickname, Bryan Danielson, news also comes out regarding Edge and his stay in the McMahon rings, with an old colleague of the Rated R Superstar, who with him he also had a very long feud in the rings on Monday Night Raw, years ago, who wanted to praise him, but also scare Stamford’s company.

Let’s talk about Matt Hardy.

Backstage news on Edge

In his latest interview with MCW Cast Episode 36, the former WWE multi-champion, often seen paired with his brother Jeff, wanted to tease his old company, insinuating how Edge was “declared skilled in the fight.

“, just to keep him from going to fight elsewhere. Regarding this topic, Matt said in fact: “This is another one of those things. I think if they (WWE ed) continued to not make Edge able to fight, getting him back to work, he would have ended up here in AEW.

Something like ‘Oh, if we don’t let him go back to fighting, he’ll go his way.’ ” According to the manager and athlete AEW, as well as former ECW Champion of the WWE, if Edge had not been declared physically ready to return to the rings of the WWE, surely the wrestler would have obtained the pass from the company of the Khan family, leaving the company with a dry mouth.

WWE, all its staff and fans. Edge called AEW stars Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood to deal with Seth Rollins after the latter invaded his home during tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown. “Edge telling Beth Phoenix he was calling “Daniel and David” was a great touch,” wrote Ross Sapp. “The real names of AEW’s Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood of FTR.”

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