Tony Khan Responds to Eric Bischoff’s Comments About Him

Tony Khan, AEW’s President, recently responded to Eric Bischoff’s comments about him being a quiet president. Eric Bischoff is the former WCW President and he recently commented on Tony Khan speaking about winning in a key demographic when AEW went head to head with Smackdown for 30 minutes.

Tony spoke about it on the Busted Open Radio.

Tony Khan Responds to Eric Bischoff’s Criticism

“I really like Eric and I was kind of surprised by Eric’s comments because they were coming from Eric Bischoff,” Khan said.

“I think Eric Bischoff is probably the last person anyone would expect to say that a President of a wrestling company should be quiet. But when it comes to head-to-head competition, we were in one this past week. It was only 30 minutes and I didn’t ask for it.

We were in our time slot, and somebody came into our time slot aggressively. And it wasn’t the first time they’ve made a pretty aggressive move like that. We generally responded pretty well and are very successful.

This is the first time on a Friday we’ve gone head to head like that. “I thought it was pretty aggressive what they came in with, they loaded it up with the biggest stars they had. And I had to make a choice; do I change up the card we have? You have CM Punk, who’s one of the biggest names in all of wrestling, and he’s wrestling Matt Sydal, who’s a great high flyer and great technical wrestler and very respected, but not the biggest box office name in all of wrestling.

That’s a great match for the fans. I had to think ‘do I change that to a crazy box office match to try and go head to head?’ And no I didn’t. I stuck with the matches we had because I believe in our wrestlers.

Even if it wasn’t the dream or stacked matches. I was amused by Eric’s comments. I like Eric when we’re together, but this is the ultimate example, I think, of glasshouses in some ways, knowing how Eric conducted himself as the President of WCW”.

Tony Khan then proceeded to bash Eric Bischoff by stating that he didn’t give a proper chance to his younger talents at WCW. He also stated that some of his antics during the Monday Night Wars were absolutely ridiculous.

“For Eric Bischoff, of all people, the guy who got lowered down on a motorcycle from the ceiling, the guy who challenged Vince McMahon to fight him, to say that somebody should be quiet is laughable,” Khan said.

“Eric is doing an act and I respect it. But let’s be serious; Eric used to be a wrestling company executive, and now he is a commentator. And as a commentator, he’s trying to stir up controversy. But I think it would be pretty naïve of anybody and not examine that the person talking is Eric Bischoff, who is the most outspoken wrestling executive of all time, and somebody who got a lot of heat.

But also somebody that, look, the things that I’m trying to do in terms of balancing the great stars we have like a CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson and people who have come in with years of experience. They’ve got lots of time on television as a big TV wrestling star.

Then we have the people who have emerged here and become big TV wrestling stars in AEW, like Kenny Omega, Hangman Page and the Young Bucks. And to also have a whole crew of people that are the young stars, a lot of them are becoming young, established stars on TV too. Whether it’s MJF, Britt Baker, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy and so many others, Darby Allin in particular.”

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