The great moment of Bianca Belair continues

We know the athletes who will change rosters after the Draft, but remember that it will only become effective in a few weeks, while tonight there will be the departure of the two tournaments to decree King and Queen of the WWE.

In the SAP Center of San Jose, everything is ready, at the keyboard your Simone, we can begin. – The episode opens with Bianca Belair, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville already in the ring! The two WWE officers introduce Bianca, then the cameras show us that Sasha Banks is at the commentator table and Becky Lynch sitting near a table positioned at random on the entrance ramp.

Belair provokes the two rivals and invites them to join her on the square, with Becky appearing to accept her proposal, but … SASHA STRIKES THE EST OF WWE BEHIND! THE FIGHT BETWEEN THE THREE STARTS!

The great moment of Bianca Belair continues

Eventually, Bianca Belair lifts both opponents for her Kiss Of Death.

Sasha gets rid of her, but the ex NXT still manages to make her end up on the table positioned in the center of the ring and … KOD ON BECKY! The Lynch ends up right on the Boss and the two are KO, with the table shattering.

A little peaceful start in that of SmackDown. Backstage, Rey Mysterio, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, says that he will do everything to become King of the ring, while he will be very disappointed if his opponent Sami Zayn wins tonight.

-We are still behind the scenes and Sami Zayn, just before entering the ring for his match, reaches Dominik Mysterio and advises him to start his way in single, because he is better than his father and no longer needs his advice.

It was an interesting set-up. Sasha Banks was standing on the commentary table, while Becky Lynch was seated with a chair and table of her own outside of the ring, while the sole babyface Bianca Belair was in the ring, positioned as the biggest threat of the match.

First off, Sasha Banks teased a face turn in the opening segment of SmackDown, something that may well come to fruition soon, as both Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair move to RAW, leaving a vacant spot for SmackDown’s top female babyface.

Becky Lynch has appeared with a WWE title for every single one of her WWE appearances since WrestleMania 35. A feat no other superstar in WWE history has ever had. This alone makes her one of the top superstars in the wrestling world.

‘The Man’ is at the top of her game every time she appears. The only time she was without a title in WWE was post-WrestleMania 35, and pre-SummerSlam this year.

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