*Spoiler* WWE changes Keith Lee’s name again

In recent weeks, former NXT Champion Keith Lee has also reappeared in front of the cameras of Monday Night Raw, after weeks and months away from the in-ring action of the McMahon-owned family company. After suffering very serious health problems, which worried both the athlete and the company itself, including his girlfriend Mia Yim, Keith Lee managed to get back in great shape, starting again with the activity he loves most, that is to fight in the rings of the number one pro-wrestling company in the world.

After winning an NXT champion title and a North American champion title, Keith Lee had been called to the main roster, but since his move to the plans “that matter”, the athlete has never managed to convince the management and the fans.

of the WWE Universe, without even being able to win a few titles, as did instead by his colleague Damian Priest, who soon reached the United States title or Matt Riddle, even arrived at that Tag Team paired with Randy Orton.

Keith Lee loses a piece of his name

As we have seen in recent weeks, Keith Lee had been renamed by the WWE, Keith “Bearcat” Lee, with this nickname that had initially made fans of the federation turn up their noses.

Apparently, since the last episode of the WWE flag show, this nickname would have even taken the place of the first name of Lee, who then loses the Keith, to remain only Bearcat Lee. During a promo that aired right on last night’s show, all references to the athlete were without his first name with the included company graphics, only bearing the name “Bearcat Lee” as the wrestler’s official name.

We’ll see what kind of direction WWE wants to have for its former NXT Champion, who in recent months seems to have fallen a bit on the back burner of the federation, with his turn heel arriving slowly and almost silently unlike many other occasions, in which a turn comes in a sensational and blatant way.

That the idea of ​​joining Adam Cole as manager to the athlete was discarded to prefer some other wrestler alongside him? After throwing Tozawa across the ring, The Big Bang Catastrophe signaled the victory for the star, who is seemingly working now as a heel.

Throughout the short match, WWE’s commentary team made it clear that Lee’s name was now “Bearcat” and mentioned it several times, whilst Lee himself had it written across the back of his wrestling tights.

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