*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy attacked by a young superstar

One of the historical WWE characters who still fight in the rings of Monday Night Raw, just for a while, after his transfer arrived with the Draft in Smackdown, is called Jeff Hardy, younger brother of the former WWE ECW Champion, Matt.

In his career, Jeff, just like his brother Matt, has won many world titles in WWE and in several important companies, such as TNA or ROH, even going so far as to hold the WWE Championship, in a very delicate juncture of his life and his career.

Unforgettable is, unfortunately, the match of Victory Road, in TNA, when a Jeff Hardy completely unable to stay in a pro-wrestling ring, blew up the main event of the ppv, with Sting who was forced to pin him in a few seconds, amid the screams of fans, as the WCW icon was annoyed.

After what happened tonight on Raw, with Austin Theory, it seems that for Jeff Hardy there may be a return to the past also in WWE, with a character never seen before in the rings of the Stamford company, which could however intrigue fans of the WWE Universe.

Jeff Hardy will finally change gimmick

During tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to stage yet another titled match between Jeff Hardy and Damien Priest, with the former NXT archer winning once again over the legendary Charismatic Enigma, who came out defeated again.

After his match, Jeff Hardy was approached by Austin Theory, returning to the main roster after spending a few months at NXT, with the young boy who admitted that he approached the world of pro-wrestling thanks to Jeff and his brother Matt, now several years ago.

With the request for a selfie with him, Austin has however subtly attacked the former WWE Champion, leaving him to the ground, with the beginning of a feud that now seems imminent and inevitable. At this point, many sites in the industry report as very likely that Jeff Hardy will change gimmick, also given the numerous defeats arrived on-screen for him, with the former WWE and TNA world champion, who could bring the character of Willow to the stage, masked psychopath, who had taken over the TNA rings years ago, but who had never entered WWE yet, but for the moment, all of this remains just a big rumor.

There are a few stars in AEW that Jeff is quite familiar with. CM Punk is one of Hardy’s greatest rivals. With more than a decade since their original feud, it will be fresh and new for both men. Chris Jericho is a competitor that Jeff has met on several occasions, but they never had a full-fledged feud.

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