*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar brutally attacks Roman Reigns

The most awaited match of Crown Jewel was obviously the main event of the Arabian ppv, or the long-awaited clash between the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his current arch-enemy, Brock Lesnar. After returning to Summerslam, after more than a year and a half of absence from the WWE rings, The Beast had gone directly face to face with Reigns, the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, without going through Paul Heyman, immediately trying to grab the title of Universal champion of the blue show, at the earliest possible opportunity, or at Crown Jewel.

In the latest PPV, Brock Lesnar tried in every way to make the title his own, but obviously, Roman Reigns and his faithful allies managed to win, with the Usos attacking Lesnar several times and with Paul Heyman who has been struggling all the time over who to help in the match, whether his former protégé, Lesnar or his current Tribal Chief, Reigns.

In the end, after an attack by the Usos and a belt that arrived directly on the forehead of the former WWE Champion, it was the defending champion who got the better of him, who however saw Lesnar coming on him like a train tonight at Smackdown.

Update on Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns

In the episode of Smackdown aired tonight, Brock Lesnar also appeared, as he had promised a few minutes before the end of his match at Crown Jewel, with the Beast who in fact responded to the umpteenth challenge of Roman Reigns, to appear in the ring of the show blue, otherwise the Tribal Chief would not have moved from there.

After starting a fight that saw Lesnar vent all his anger on the Universal champion, to intervene to try to separate the two, the security arrived, literally decimated by Lesnar. After this massacre, it was, therefore, Adam Pearce who had to notify Brock Lesnar of the fact that he was suspended indefinitely by the WWE, with the official of the company, who in response has suffered not one, but two F-5s, who laid him on the ground like a bear rug.

At the moment, therefore, it is very likely that Brock Lesnar will present himself close to the new year and therefore in time for the Royal Rumble, with the WWE who wanted to motivate his next long absence, with this angle aired at Smackdown.

Coming back to the picture, Lesnar’s friends are active WWE Superstars. Benjamin made a brief appearance during Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg at Crown Jewel. He was roommates with Brock at the University of Minnesota. The duo teamed up at OVW before their main roster debut.

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