*Spoiler* A huge match awaits Big E

In recent days, WWE has sent several surprises on the scene, both thanks to its annual Draft, and thanks to numerous other important storylines, such as the one that led Big E to become WWE Champion on Monday Night Raw, with the fruitful collection of the Money in the Bank briefcase, which finally made Bobby Lashley’s reign capitulate, after months as the undisputed champion of the company’s red roster.

After staging several segments in that of Smackdown between Roman Reigns, Big E’s counterpart on the blue roster and Brock Lesnar, his current arch-enemy, WWE is laying the foundations for the card of its next special event: Crown Jewel, which will air on the 21st of this month.

After two years of nothing, due to the covid-19 pandemic, WWE will also return to Saudi Arabia with several matches already confirmed in the card, to which one was added tonight, just valid for the WWE Championship.

Big E will face Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel

After seeing the confrontation at the end of Monday Night Raw last week, the challenge between the two athletes of the red show seemed to be already in the air, with Drew McIntyre who, however, was drafted in that of Smackdown, but who until 22 October will not move from Raw.

This Friday, instead, the official match valid for the world title of the red show arrived, which will see Big E try to prevail over the Scottish, right at Crown Jewel. Although the graphics that ensure the match to the event card have not been shown, there have been some behaviors in that of Monday Night Raw, tonight, which confirm this.

The two future opponents of Crown Jewel, were in fact paired by the WWE to face the Dirty Dawgs, with McIntyre who managed to bring victory for his team, going to take the Big E champion belt, in a sign of a challenge. After regaining his belt, Big E confirmed the challenge for Crown Jewel, with WWE making it official, after the other important matches arrived in the event card in the past few days.

During an interview with Daily Star, Big E revealed that there was talk about him becoming a world champion years ago, but it came and went every time. “This was not the plan that I’d heard,” said Big E. “I’m trying to remember what I was alluding to – [it was] maybe the Intercontinental Championship which was kind of in the works for a bit.

But I had heard talks years ago about maybe putting the title on me – or possibly becoming a world champion – multiple times, but that kind of came and went every time.”

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