Scream’s Ghostface Has Joined TikTok, And Drew Barrymore And David Arquette Are In

We’re in the midst of October or, as many of us call it, spooky season. It’s a time many moviegoers watch their favorite horror movie, including Wes Craven’s iconic franchise Scream. The villainous Ghostface recently joined TikTok, and both Drew Barrymore and David Arquette are all in.

Ghostface is a mantle used by a total of seven killers throughout the first four Scream movies. This company will expand with the upcoming sequel, and the marketing for the highly anticipated slasher is really picking up. Now Ghostface’s voice is available on TikTok’s text to speech voice, so bring on the content. Dewey Riley himself David Arquette helped to make this announcement, check it out below:


looking for some screams? tell all your ##scarystories using the new Ghostface text to speech voice @davidarquette

♬ original sound – TikTok

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