Ricochet Comments on Not Being Very Active on WWE TV

Ricochet is currently working on the main roster, and he recently spoke about not being very active on WWE TV these days. Ricochet was a very popular indie wrestler and had tons of experience before he joined WWE. Ricochet started his WWE career at NXT and he quickly rose to the top of the brand.

Ricochet was extremely active for several weeks after he made his main roster debut. He even competed once for the WWE Universal Title. However, he has not been very active. He is well known for his high flying moves. Ricochet spoke about performing on With Authority!


Ricochet Speaks About Not Being Active on WWE TV for Several Weeks

“Every time that I go out, whether it’s for RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Main Event whatever. Whenever I’m out there, I always try to give the people something that they’ll go home and they’ll remember,” Ricochet said.

“Because we don’t get a lot of time when we’re out there. So when I’m out there, I try to use every minute, every second, to try and get the most out of that, and I always try to leave them with something they’re going to remember.

I get people all the time, literally all the time, telling me how crazy, how wild it is to watch”. Ricochet then commented on not being active for several weeks. “That’s exactly what I’m here waiting on right now.

I haven’t been doing much for the last five weeks,” Ricochet said of where he thinks he’ll end up. “But that’s because I’ve been waiting, biding my time, waiting for the right moment. I’m super excited for the draft.

I don’t really have a specific brand I’m hoping to be on. For me it’s just wherever I land, I know in that moment that I’ve got to make an impact, wherever I’m at. People all the time are telling me ‘I want to see you!

I want to see you!’. I get that a lot. So I’m just waiting for my opportunity to strike I guess”. Ricochet stated that he is getting older and does not perform flips or athletic moves when not working. “You don’t think about that, you’re just feeding off the energy of the fans.

You’re feeding off of your adrenaline, you’re feeding off all that stuff. I started doing rolls and flips and stuff when I was five, six years old. So that part, I’ve just been doing it for so long, it’s kind of second nature to me.

But it really is something that I have to kind of warm-up to now, because the thought of doing it now, I guess it’s because I’m getting older”.

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