New details on Kenny Omega’s future

One of the most beautiful matches ever seen in the All Elite Wrestling rings, from its inception to today, was undoubtedly Daniel Bryan’s first meeting in the AEW, who returned as Bryan Danielson, and who fought for half a minute.

exact time with his current arch-enemy: world champion Kenny Omega. In the debut match of the former WWE Champion in the AEW rings, Bryan Danielson showed off his best features, with Kenny Omega keeping up with the athlete who for a few years had to retire from action due to a very serious neck injury, but fortunately for him and for his fans, he managed to return to the scene after some time.

After this huge clash, which ended up in an unfortunate Draw, due to the time limit that the AEW has in its normal matches, the fans are already looking forward to the rematch that there could be between the two soon, with the AEW that however could not be the venue where such a clash will come.

What’s next for Kenny Omega?

As reported by the Wrestling Observer, in one of the latest newsletters of the well-known overseas site, there would be the interest of one of the main bookers of the AAA, one of the main Mexican companies in the entire pro-wrestling scene in the country, who would like to stage the rematch between Kenny Omega and Danielson in his own ring.

In one of the latest Observer updates, it was in fact stated that: “CM Punk on Twitter said he would like to have a match in Mexico City with Penta & Fenix ​​vs him and Bryan Danielson: belts vs beard. Dorian Roldan went into ecstasy.

Roldan talked about wanting Danielson to take on Omega for the AAA Mega Title after watching their match last week.” Having Kenny Omega lost only the Impact World Champion title, but not the AAA World Champion title, the management of the AEW could grant this great opportunity to Danielson, even if the Bryan card is very important also and above all for the second company of the United States, so it is very difficult that Bryan now goes to fight often also in Mexico, at this point in his career.

Bruce Prichard, who has worked for WWE in various roles, including a scout, mentioned on the Something to Wrestle podcast that he was at Starrcast in 2019 when he realized who Kenny Omega was. “That day that I was at Starrcast [in 2019] and I said who was that,” Bruce Prichard said.

“I had no idea who he was. It was [on our radar], that was one of our territories, we had training facilities and everything that we had there,” Prichard said. “Unfortunately I didn’t get down there with the kind of frequency that we would’ve liked to of”.

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