Ludacris Gives Honest Response When Asked About Vin Diesel And Dwayne Johnson’s Fast Feud

The Fast and Furious movies are all about family, but of its two biggest stars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel,  have been estranged for years with a history of beef and back and forths. Recently in an interview, The Rock addressed his feud with Vin Diesel and the day that caused a firestorm between the two, shedding some light on his side of the events that have caused him not to return to work on the main Fast movies. The pair are both massive stars with egos, and after all these years, it hasn’t fully been squashed. As a result, their co-stars are left in the middle of it. Fast and Furious star Ludacris gave an honest response when asked about Diesel and The Rock’s differences. 

While speaking to US Weekly, Ludacris addressed the burning question about The Rock and Vin Diesel’s relationship and the constant tension between the two. Ludacris has been along for the Fast and Furious ride for more than a decade, and has knowledge of the situation firsthand, and gives his honest take on everything, saying:

All I can say is that, from what I understand, I know those are two grown men. I believe The Rock has spoken on that, and I don’t want to speak for either one of them. So, I would leave it to whatever their words are and keep it that way, because it’s a delicate situation.

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