L.A. County Deputy Who Had Sex On Universal Studios Lot Has Been Punished

I have been accused by more than one person of being a little obsessive about theme parks. While that’s probably more than a little true, I keep my theme park experiences strictly family friendly. Such was not the case late last year when an L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy apparently had sex on the Universal Studios Lot. The good news is, this was when the park was closed. The bad news is, he left his radio on. Unsurprisingly, the officer in question is now out of a job.

Last December TMZ produced audio of L.A. County Sheriff’s radio which included what sounded like a woman moaning, interspersed with a dispatcher telling somebody they’d left their radio on so could they please fix that because nobody wanted to hear all that. While the Sheriff’s Office has not confirmed that the officer is out of a job, it has said that the investigation has concluded, and TMZ reports its sources as saying the officer has been let go. He has the option to appeal his firing. 

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